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2018-19 Annual Report

The year 2019 was a very blessed year for our Kasi Temple of Flint. With the grace of Lord Viswanatha,  unconditional support from our donors and volunteers, we successfully finished the first Phase of rebuilding our sacred temple and made it a beautiful place for our idols and our devotees. We then celebrated the Punarpratisthapna and Maha Kumbhabhisheka ceremonies with active participation from hundreds of devotees. We are eternally grateful to all our devotees for their participation, generosity, and the selfless spirit of volunteerism shown throughout this process.

Current board  is committed to maintain transparency and accountability, and has chosen to post following temple operational reports on website for our devotees.

Religion Committee Report:

Religion Committee members:

Sriram Subramoniam (chair), Bhargavi Raiji, Subhadra Aysola, Uma Botta, CK Venkateswaran, Lakshmi Venkateswaran, Padma Gunda, Pallavi Kothuru, Kishore Pedavalli, Geetha Katneni

With the grace of Lord Kasi Viswanatha and the accompanying deities, 2019 was indeed a pivotal year for Paschim Kasi Sri Viswanatha temple. This year, we completed the Jeernodhaar of our temple and on Oct 11th through 13th 2019, we celebrated the PunaPrathisthapana and Maha Kumbhabhisheka festivals with a religious fervor and grandeur befitting the occasion. The festivities were led by the Kasi Temple board, Kumbhabhishekam Committee and the religion committee along with unconditional support from other committees, volunteers and donors.

Esteemed priests, Sri Muralikrishna Sarma Bhuvanagiri from Triad Hindu Temple, Greensboro, North Carolina and our own head priest at Kasi Temple, Sri. Shambulinga Shastri conducted the three day Punar Prathisthapana and Maha Kumbhabhisheka festivals along with two other priests from Midwest. 

Following which, to complete the re-energization of our deities, we conducted Mandala Pooja for 48 days with Daily abhishekams to our deities and it culminated on Dec 1st, with Moola Mantra homam on Dec 1st, 2019 along with Dhanyavada Samarpana.

It is also a matter of pride that, now our temple has two full time priests - our new priest, Sri Murali Sharma joined our temple in September 2019. 

Our temple is now gearing up to the next major event, Maha Shivaratri on February 21, 2020. We request each of our beloved community members to join us in continued worship and celebrations at our very own Paschim Kasi Viswanatha temple for years to come.


Treasurer’s Report:

Finance Committee: Jitendra Katneni, Raj Ethiraj, Hemant Thawani, ​Samasandrapalya Kiran, Raj Pandrangi, Vishal Nayak, Bimal Patel, K C Bhalgat, & Prassna Kartha.

The donations and other income we received for the year 2019 were total of $455,850.84.


The expenses for the year including fixed expenses and the construction costs amounted to a total of 

Net Income 132,542.82.


We have assigned $98,000.00 for the building fund account to continue with our reconstruction efforts. We hope with the help of Lord Viswanatha to raise the necessary money through fundraising. In addition, we have set aside funds into our existing reserve account to prepare ourselves for any future emergencies.  

We have an average of $ 40,000 a month in our unrestricted  funds account , for daily operations.


Our financial goals for 2020:

Taking a closer look at the overall finances and controlling recurring expenses. That we would have enough funds to successfully complete the next phase of our rebuilding projects while keeping a healthy financial reserve and a debt free status.

Kitchen Committee Report:

Uma Botta: Chairperson

Kitchen Committee members:

Anita Abrol: Online orders for supplies

Deeptha Rao: Monthly grocery shopping

Pramila Kerai: Weekly grocery shopping and making special items

Prasna Kartha: Accounts and volunteering on weekends

Sriram Subramoniam: Food manager

Gurulingappa: Cook. Mr. Gurulingappa Purada is an employee of Kasi Temple. He is our cook and a certified food manager.

Claudia:  Is helping Guru in cleaning the kitchen and cafeteria on weekends.


Kasi Temple kitchen is a Health Department Certified Kitchen.

Our kitchen is serving only on Saturdays and Sundays. Please visit "Kitchen" page to know details of menu and catering services.

Devotees are appreciating the quality, taste, standards of our food items, and the friendly environment.

With the help of sponsors Kasi kitchen is conducting Annadanam on special events like Maha Shivaratri, Sumangali puja day, Ganesha Visarjana day, Annapurna Avathar day, Vijaya Dashami and Deepavali.

With the help of volunteers Annapurna Nilayam is running smoothly. We have to encourage our volunteers to participate more in this great seva.

Building Committee Report:

Building Committee Members: Bharat Rao, Bharani Kumar, Shree Rai, K.C. Bhalgat, Kuvarji Kerai, Muthukumar, and Ram Chandran.

2019 year started with Jirnodhar Project estimated at $75k with board approval. Repairs and re-construction was started after Maha Shivaratri 2019 of sanctums. Punarpranpratishthapana was postponed from June to October 2019 due to construction delay. Board approved $60k to complete renovation of temple hall along with Sanctums by October 10th 2019. Currently minor details are being worked on inside temple and before Shivaratri 2020 entire project will be concluded.


This summer entire exterior of temple complex will be worked on with multiple projects. We are in planning stages of 5-10 years long term projects to develop temple property and repair damaged structures. This will require support of devotee community, administrative continuity and generous funds to meet our goals.


Media Technology Committee Report:

Committee Members: Pallavi Kothuru, Sachin Desai, Meenakshy Sriram, Sivakumar Raman, GeethaPriya Sivakumar, Anu Mudigonda, & Mallik Mudigonda.  

A new Media team is regrouped with roles & responsibilities reassigned. Board and team agreed to give high priority to Temple Website upgrading and timely updating. Community email newsletter frequency discussed. Our team worked on re-assessing old website, community email newsletter, and Evite system. Website is completely redone with focus on simplicity and timely updates. Media team is going to have 2 months of events posted on website "Events" page by communicating with Religion Committee and the board president.

Religion committee  will be providing yearly calendar of events on website for convenience of devotees. More information will be posted on website for our devotees.

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