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Annual General Body Meeting 2019

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Location: Kasi Temple Study Hall        Time: 11:30 AM


Roll Call:
Board of Trustees 2018-19:
Subhadra Aysola: President, Uma Botta: Vice-President, Shreeavtar Rai: Chairman, Jitendra Katneni: Vice-Chairman, Anita Abrol: Treasurer Sachin Desai: Secretary, Panamalai Gururaj: Director, Premila Kerai: Director.


Meeting initiated by Initial Prayers.

  • Annual General Body Meeting Agenda Overview:

Chairman Shreeavtar Rai: Board and members accepted the agenda to proceed with meeting. Quorum is established by Chairman by headcount of the attending members. 

  • Secretary’s Report: Sachin Desai

Secretary updated about the board operations. The board uses Reinstated Bylaws adopted in 2017 and board policies put in place by the past board. Each board member has a “Board Handbook” for reference.

The current board adopted several proposals during tenure which include: Local community emails through, Paid Evite use for invitations which need a headcount, Community Town Hall Meeting, Quarterly Newsletter for local community (We shall transition into electronic newsletter instead of printed or PDF versions.)

Kasi Temple along with India Club of Genesee County and Gurudwara co-hosted “Community Emergency Planning Seminar”. Further initiative to make our community events safer are needed and board will be working on it.

Board and members agreed to have security at major events.

Temple to host Community fair on 11th August 2019. Details to be announced.


  • Treasurer’s Report: Anita Abrol

  1. Temple is currently in strong financial position

    1. Operating funds at $36k.

    2. $92k available for future temple renovation ($86K allocated for Jeernodhar: Temple renovation, $6K is for Kitchen and study center only)

    3. Raised $330k from funding and $135K from temple collection

  2. Anita informed Sekar Bawa headed the external audit of Kasi Temple Funds.

  3. Requested future board members to maintain existing system and computerized setup such as Method and Quickbooks.

  4. A financial report will be given to membership.

  5. Anita recommended to the new board that they consider hiring a Temple Administrator to handle day to day functions.

  • President’s Report by Subhadra Aysola

  1. Temple is progressing well, and services and events are taking place as expected.

  2. Temple is run by volunteers and there is a need for more volunteers.

  3. Kitchen is running in profit with 20 food managers

  4. Special thanks to Tapovanam volunteers for helping with Shivaratri overflow parking.

  5. Preparations going well for the Jirnoddhara project and Kumbhabhishekam. Proposed date is October 12th. Details to be announced soon.


Proposal and action items: Conducted by S. Kiran

  • Motion for extension of nomination of new directors of the board by Chairman Shreeavtar Rai. 
    The current deadline for nomination of new directors was April. Proposed Motion to extend it to June 30th, 2019. Members unanimously agreed to extend it till June 30th of each year. 
    Motion passed

  • Motion to change voting procedures on life membership by Jitendra Katneni. 
    Reduce life membership to $2500, or each life member paying $5000 gets 2 votes (to include spouse). Members discussed the pros and cons. No definite conclusion reached. 
    Motion abandoned

  • New motion to change procedures on life membership by Sekar Bava: Maintain Life membership to $5000 and individuals get 1 vote. Couples get 2 votes. Members unanimously agreed to accept the proposal.
    Motion Passed

  • Proposal to extend few board member’s terms till the completion of temple project and till completion of Jirnoddhara project and Kumbhabhishekam: 
    Board and members discussed pro and cons and it was determined that new board to take office and past board members to continue supporting the project as per need. 
    Proposal  abandoned

    It was proposed to have Kumbhabhishekam committed to support the project. It was agreed to create a Jirnodhara-Kumbhabhishekam committee and the current President, Subhadra Aysola to work with the new board and team of temple volunteers on the same.
    Members unanimously agreed to accept the proposal. 
    Motion Passed 


  • Motion to adopt Code of Conduct as it is not in the original by-laws. (Board to draft it and get vetted by Governance Committee. Sachin Desai volunteered to collect information on various aspects and draft it.) Members unanimously agreed to accept the proposal. 
    Motion Passed

  • Proposed Motion to add an upper ceiling limit of 11 on number of board members.

    Current limit is minimum of 5 with no maximum limit. After extensive discussion, no definite conclusion was reached. General body decided to table it till the next major meeting.

    Motion to lay of table.

  • Proposal on board member participation: 
    Board members shall participate in minimal of 50% board meetings as well as major events. Non-participation may result in automatic dissolution of the board position. Members agreed on participation policy but wanted clarification on “Major Events”. Members agreed to have board decide and clarify on “Major Events” and discuss during new board orientation. General consensus is to adopt 50% participation. 
    Motion Passed

  • Freedom of access to Board Operations:
    All board members shall have access as deemed necessary to all board operations. Verbal or written request needs to be made to the President, Chairman, or Secretary with specific transactions. Information needs to be provided within 2 business weeks. 

    Members agreed to adopt the proposal as there should be transparency in board operations. 
    Motion Passed


  • Proposal to adopt board training program: 
    Members discussed and agreed that there is a need to have board orientation and training program. Internal and external help will be taken as needed to move forward with such training. Board to discuss and work with Governance Committee to come up with ongoing training program which will help with current and future board members. 
    Motion Passed


Board members completing their terms and election of the new board


Following board members are completing their terms on the current board:

Subhadra Aysola: President, Anita Abrol: Treasurer, Sachin Desai: Secretary, Panamalai Gururaj: Director, Premila Kerai: Director.

Election of the new board: New members joining the board:

Bharat Rao, K. C. Bhalgat, Kumar Manam, Pallavi Kothuru, Sriram Subramoniam, Pressana Kartha, Muthukumar C., and Ram Chandran.

General Body Members approved the proposed motion to accept new board members.


New board to meet and determine further details.


Ending prayer and meeting adjourned.

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