Community Center Hall

General Guidelines: (Please check the complete Hall Rental Agreement for more details.)

  • Order of Priority -> Temple events preside over Member events preside Non-Member events

  • Events before and after your event may impact your times. Please work with the committee/board about specific times.

  • Setting up for the event and cleaning after the event must be
    done on the same day of renting the facility.

  • The community hall rental agreement to be completed after the availability is confirmed by the Temple management.

  • Rental Agreement is to be completed and signed. Deposits need to be paid BEFORE rental is confirmed and the date is blocked on the calendar.

Please Note: The terms and conditions of the rental agreement are subject to periodic reviews due to changing circumstances.

NOTE : At present, due to COVID-19 guidelines from CDC as well as the State Government, all the used surfaces must be sanitized/cleaned thoroughly after each event. As such there will be a gap of 1 day between Hall rentals/events. Also, all participants must strictly follow public events attending guidelines without fail. Thank you very much for your cooperation. This practice will continue until further notice.

Study Hall Rental Agreement