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**Devotees can request the Priest ahead of time to decorate Devi as their Ishta AVATHARAM on special     occasions. (Birthdays and Anniversaries)

These rates do not include Dhakshina to the Priest

The following events have special rates:

  •  Vivaham- $2,001, includes  Hall, Yagasala, Homa Samagri, Priest, Outdoor tent pavilion with Homagundam near Yagasala.

  • Yagasala Rent -  $301

  • Upanayanam -  $801, includes Hall, Yagasala, Priest, Outdoor tent pavilion with

       Homagundam near Yagasala.

The outdoor tent pavilion is surrounded by beautiful trees and covered pathways,

beautifully sculptured temple and scenic surroundings for photography

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