Punarpratisthapa and Maha Kumbha Abhishekam Mathotsavam on 11th, 12th, 13th Oct 2019

Services                                        Amount                     Description       
Diamond Sponsorship          $ 10,001.00   Incudes: Sankalpa for Maha Poojas (All 3 Days).  Platinum Sponsorship           $ 5001.00      Includes:Sankalpa for Maha Poojas ( Saturday,                                                                                          Sunday)

Gold Sponsorship                 $ 2501.00      Includes:Sankalpa for Chandi Homam and Rudra                                                                                            Homam
Silver Sponsorship                $1001.00       Includes:Sankalpa for Chandi Homam OR Rudra                                                                                           Homam

Bronze Sponsorship              $ 501.00       Includes:Sankalpa for Moola Vigraha Abhishekam (3)

Kalasha Sponsorship            $ 251.00       Includes: Vimana Gopura  Abhishekam    

Includes: Swahasta Vimana Gopura


Anna Dana (Donation for food) - Any amount

*Kindly mention the service you have sponsored for in the Message box while entering donation details ( It will appear on next page, when you click Submit button below).

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