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October Events

October Events

16th October, Soma Pradosh: Rudra Abhishekam at 6.00 pm. Soma is another name of Lord Shiva. Peformaring Rudra abhishekh at Pradosham removes Chandra Dosha in Birth Chart.

19th October, Deepavali Celebration: Rudra Abhishekam at 6.00 pm. Deepa Aradhana and Prasad distribution at 7.15 pm.

23rd and 30th October, Kartik Somwaram: Rudra Abhishekam at 6.00 pm. Kartika Month is an important month to worship Lord Shiva. Rudra Abhsheakham is performed to seek lords blessing.

Every Sunday: Rudra Abhishekam at 11.00 am

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