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Weekly Events: Jan 14 - Jan 20

Sankranti/ Pongal :Sunday, 14 Jan. Rudrabhishekam at 11.00 am.

The festival is dedicated to the Hindu sun god. This significance of Sun is traceable to the Vedic texts, particularly the Gayathri Mantra, a sacred hymn of Hinduism found in its scripture named the Rigveda. The festival also marks the beginning of a six months auspicious period for Hindus known as Uttarayana period.

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Amavasya: Tuesday, 16 Jan. Vishalakshi Abhishekam and Kumkuma Archana at 6.00pm.

Kumkuma Archana removes karma doshas and invites abundance of all kinds - health, wealth, prosperity, property, progeny and progress. To Sponsor click here.

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