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Weekly Events: July 21 - July 27

Rudra Abhishekam: Sunday, 21st July Abhishek at 11.00 am

Lord Shiva is also known as Rudra and Rudrabhishekam is the ritual bath of the Shiv Lingam. It is one of the most significant and popular ceremonies to please Lord Shiva and is seen as the greatest spiritual puja in all the Vedic scriptures. To Sponsor click here


Mrutanjaya Homam: Saturday, 27th July Homam at 11.00 am Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is performed to please Lord Shiva or Bholenath who is the most merciful god. The words 'Maha', means great, 'Mrityu' means death and 'Jaya'means victory, which means this mantra gives the person victory over death by performing this Jaap.It is said to be beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health and to be a moksha mantra which bestows longevity and immortality.

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