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Paschima Kasi Vishwanath Temple, Flint

Kasi temple Flint is the first Shiva temple in mainland USA.The Kasi Sri Vishwantha Temple began with a group of dedicated individuals in 1979 getting organized to start a temple in Flint. Four years, and a lot of work later, the Kasi Temple was open! Over the past 30+ years the Kasi Temple has grown substantially, and now includes several members and hosts dozens of events and rituals each year.

Sri Paschima Kasi Viswanatha Temple is a place of Hindu worship based on the Shiva Agama tradition to strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values in Hindu scriptures into daily life.


Mission Statement

The mission statement of Bharatiya Temple of Flint (DBA Paschima Kasi Viswanatha Temple) is to provide a place of Hindu worship based on the Shiva Agama tradition, while embracing the wider community in the spirit of inclusivity to foster spiritual and cultural heritage, human excellence, and the physical and mental well-being of communities of all faiths. The basic tenet of Hinduism is “the world is one family.” Therefore, the Kasi Temple of Flint has been founded based on the following objectives:

    1.    To provide a spiritual haven for devotees to connect with the divine in safe and secure environment.
   2.    To promote interfaith understanding and harmony.
   3.    To be a beacon of hope, peace, and spiritual guidance for all.
   4.    To design temple functions that nurture Hindu heritage and Sanatana Dharma among its members.

Board Members

  • President: Monal Talati 

  • Chairman: Shreeavtar Rai 

  • Vice Chair: Padma Gunda

  • Secretary: Rupa Manyam

  • Treasurer: Sekar Bawa

  • Director: Shantaram Ekhande

  • Director  - Raji Sankaran

  • Director  -  Peethamber Kartha 

  • Director  -  Raj Pandurangi


Chair: Geetha Katneni

Liaison: Rupa Manyam

Media and Communications

Chair: Jayanthi Chakravarthy,

Liaison: Shantaram Ekhande


Chair Dr. Ethiraj Raj

Liaison: Sekar Bawa

Building -

Chair: Bharani Kumar Manam

Liaison: Monal Talati


Chair: Premila Kerai

Liaison: Raji Sankaran


Chair: Dr. Vijay Naraparaju

Liaison: Shree Rai


Chair: Krishnapriya Naraparaju

Liaison: Padma Gunda


Chair: Pressna Kartha

Liaison: Peethambar Kartha


Chair: Kirit Vyas

Liaison: Raj Pandrangi

By-laws and Governance
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